Tonchevici Alexandru


Hello! It’s me!

If you read the title with the voice of Adele, it means that we will get along very well! I’m Alex, I’m 23 years old and photography is one of my few passions. Before photography I was a student craving to make a better future for himself. I finished political studies university and then I had a job for the past 2 years in a tourism agency as a corporate event organiser. I started looking into photography after I discovered Photoshop and felt the need to create. My first thing to do was to edit some photos and then I kept editing stock portraits until I decided to take my own photos. So it all started with this and one major thing I learned is that if you’re the shy person in front of the lens, you don’t have to worry because I’m here to teach you and show you how to pose and what to do with your hands. Because I dedicated a lot of time to my passion, I didn’t just focus on the portrait style and I also approached nature, landscapes, cars and recently even commercial products (jewelry, handmade products, coffee).